About Jaywalker

Do you travel on the Massachusetts Turnpike? Do you have a Fast Lane account? Do you save your gas receipts? If you've answered yes to all of the aforementioned questions, you are eligible to receive a rebate! How?

  1. Visit Mass Pike and log in.
  2. Download your transactions report.
  3. Visit the Massachusetts Online Forms Index and download the GT-9T form.
  4. Download jaywalker.d.tar.
  5. Follow the instructions in the README file.
Once you have the GT-9T.pdf file successfully generated, print it, affix your gas and toll receipts to the appropriate page(s), sign it, and mail the package. That's it! (Jaywalker supports revision 8/09 of the refund form.)


Please read the release notes for the latest information.

Jaywalker Requirements

You'll need Perl. The packages pdftohtml, pdftops, and ps2pdf are also required.

Obtaining Jaywalker

Jaywalker has been successfully tested on Debian, FreeBSD, OS X, and Ubuntu.


Please contact the development team if you have any questions regarding this project. You may also submit a trouble ticket if you so desire.


This project is hosted by the fine folks at Sourceforge.

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